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Community Accessibility Report

Pioneering New Research into Community Accessibility

The Canadian Adaptive Network (CAN) continues to strive towards our goal of improving accessibility awareness in our community. To further this goal, CAN required a better understanding of the current state of accessibility in Canada, British Columbia, and our local community.

In order to do this, CAN created an innovative research design to assess environments for their accessibility in a manner that acknowledges a broad spectrum of disability requirements.

CAN partnered with 31 different local businesses and organizations in order to asses the current state of accessibility in Fernie; these business/organizations provide a diverse selection of community services. In order to foster awareness for the needs of persons with disabilities (PwD), these businesses and organizations were provided with general information, feedback about their current state of accessibility, information on how they could improve their environment, and resources for implementing improvements.

From this study, CAN was able to create a baseline understanding of accessibility in our community as well as develop a research model to help understand accessibility in any community.

Highlights from the Fernie study include:

CAN looks forward to utilizing this information by collaborating with members of our community to improve accessibility & awareness. Below are some of the recommendations resulting from the study; CAN seeks to address these areas of interest as part of future community projects.

For more details please see the full report below:

CAN - Community Accessibility Assessment : Fernie

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