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The Canadian Adaptive Network strives to be a catalyst for more inclusive communities. Often the needs of persons with functional limitations go unnoticed because we do not often imagine living in any other body but our own. This audio clip simulates what it would be like to have a hearing impairment. We challenge you to an unfair hearing test! Grab a pen and paper! What do you hear?

One of CAN's community's core values is being able to enjoy everything nature has to offer. How can Fernie residents and visitors, of all ages and abilities, find ways to access and interact with the natural world around them? Mass Audubon's 'All Persons Trails' supports the exploration of the wonderful wilderness by all types of users. They do this by creating trails that are not only physically accessible but also offer a multi-sensory experience; smell, sound, and touch are all valuable and important parts of the journey. Their use of communication and information opens up trails to be explored by a diverse population.